Paul’s Weekly Letter – 9 November 2018

Good Morning,

Wow that hurt! To be honest I was completely shocked by Tuesday nights bloodbath. I thought we (Nevada GOP) had a much better handle on this election vs 2016. I really haven’t looked at the numbers, but my wife said even if no one voted for fringe candidates or none of the above Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt still would not have won. I hope you all know the Dems vote straight party lines so that’s how everyone below them won.

I will look at numbers and history and let you know if I find anything significant. Also let me know if you find anything significant or why you think we lost and I will pass on your thoughts to everyone.

But we here in Carson City have nothing to be ashamed of, we had huge turnout and both our Assembly and Senate candidates won their election. We as a party must and will hold our heads high and press forward to the next election. I for one am looking forward to our victories in 2020.

Don’t forget we have our General Membership Meeting next Thursday, please show your support for our party and our organization by coming to the meeting. Noreen Leary from the Veterans Guest House in Reno will be the guest speaker.


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761