Paul’s Weekly Letter – 5 June

Weekly Update From Paul:
The 80th Legislation Session is over, please stand by for the final results, as a number of bills still remain on the Governor’s desk.  Since he vetoed the National Popular Vote bill, there is hope.  As Josh says,  please keep calling and emailing.  Our feedback can make a difference.  Soon we will send out a list of bills of interest that either passed or failed. Please thank Josh Skaggs; he has been one of our most powerful voices in the Assembly during the last few months.
So now it feels like the Trump/Pence 2020 campaign is starting up!  I am very excited; we have a meeting with Nevada GOP on Thursday to discuss strategy and our way forward.  Along with our Strategic Goals sessions on Saturday we are working hard to get us on a path to victory next fall.
Speaking of next fall, now is the time we all need to start looking around for candidates for our city offices that are coming open.  Our County Clerk is putting together a list of available seats and requirements, and I will send it out as soon as I receive it.  The Mayor’s seat and two Board of Supervisor seats will definitely be open.
We will have a booth are the Airport Open House. I will try and be there most of the day, talking to our fellow citizens, both Democrats and Republicans.  By speaking to both sides we learn what issues are on their minds.  So please sign up as a volunteer or just stop by.
775 315-7761