Paul’s Weekly Letter – 5 February 2019

Good Evening
  The 80th Legislature session has started and Josh Scaggs is back with the Nevada GOP tracking the progress and fighting the fight. If you want to help please give Josh or me a call.  Additionally, he is working out of our office so if you want to visit with him, see him there.
  We had a meeting at Jim Wheeler’s office and got the skinny on what we are trying to fight, delay, obstruct, etc.  Let me know if you want the list.  We also learned they are looking for some volunteers.  If you want to help please let me or Josh know.
  Surprisingly, they did not get a single student to sign up as an intern.  If you know someone who wants to get involved please let them know this opportunity exist.  Sitting in the Minority Leaders office watching the resistance would be both fascinating and educational for anyone.   Please click on this link for details  Republican Assembly Facebook
  We still have Lincoln Day tickets, please come, it will be a great event and a great time to visit with our fellow Republicans, plus Bepsey has been working really hard to make this a success.
 775 315-7761