Paul’s Weekly Letter – 3 November 2018

Good Morning,

Don Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle gave a surprisingly rousing speech at the Nugget on Friday. Adam Laxalt and Dean Heller were also there and gave really good speeches. Don and Kimberly were about 30 minutes short so we were all treated to Mark Amodei’s stall for time speech. I really wish I could be as smooth and comfortable as he is. Over 300 people showed up, which was amazing since we didn’t know it was going to happen until Wednesday. One guy I talked to drove 5 hours to get here.

We still need some more people to help with the polls on Tuesday, please call me, (Paul) I have the schedule (775) 315-7761. I assume the Dems will be out in full force so I would like us to be out there in full force. The local Dems that have been there have been very nice, but the California imports that have been showing up not so much.

We printed up walk sheets for all the Republicans that have not voted. I sorted it by Precinct, street number and street name. Please come by the office and pick some sheets up along with our voters cards and go for a nice pleasant fall walk in you neighborhoods. All we want you to do is remind them to vote on Tuesday. If someone is not in the office to help you please call me at (775) 315-7761 and I will come down.

Speaking of voting, 55% of Carson City have voted, 17,335 have turn out early or by absentee. Only Eureka had a higher percentage, 57% of their 1,020 voters have voted. In case your curious, Clark was 38.7% (424,204) and Washoe was 45.2% (121,552). The complete list is on the Sec of State web site.


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761