Paul’s Weekly Letter -28 February 2018

Good Evening,

There were four of us that traveled to Hawthorne for the State Party’s Statewide Meeting. The meeting was full of information and we enjoyed meeting with and discussing issues with the politicians and other party members on hand. Marti really enjoyed the Basque Lincoln Day Dinner hosted by the Mineral County Republican Party.

I will just list a couple of highlights that I wrote down:

— We need to look at the Voter Roles, one of our counties has over a 1,000 voter registered at one address.
— RNC has 40 million on hand, DNC has 6.5 million on hand and 6.2 million in debt
— The party has a web site for us:
— The Party is hiring more staff.
— We tabled Bylaws discussion till next meeting
— We passed a budget. (lot of Roberts Rules applied to make this happen, pretty interesting)
— Clark County now has an office.
— Stability and Rural Counties are key to Nevada Republican Party success.

We sent out a mailer targeting our “No Party” voters explaining they cannot vote in the primary and yes I got several phone calls to explain and welcome new members to the Republican Party,

Don’t forget Precinct Meeting and County Convention coming up, bring a friend. It will be a great way to introduce them to our politician process.


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761