Paul’s Weekly Letter – 24 October 2018

Good Evening,

Wow, there is a lot of stuff in our newsletter today, please take a few minutes and look at everything. We have everything from candidate socials to VIP visits.

Oct 20 early voting started, we still need volunteers for our poll watching booth. Please stop by the office and sign up for a slot or two. Joy and I cannot be there for the whole two weeks, so help would be appreciated. The Dems have a booth there (same people every day) and I would hate to have them there by themselves to corrupt our voters.

Below are the results of three days of voting. Just for your info here are the number of registered voters by party. As you can see we have quite a way to go.

Don’t forget we have a meeting Thursday night and the parade on Saturday to include pancake breakfast at the Governors Mansion,

Additionally Saturday our Vice President will be visiting us here in Carson City. See below for the flyer and here is the Eventbrite link to register. Yes it is free.

Link to Eventbrite

Active/Inactive Voter 34,452
Dem 10,312
Rep 15,267
No Party 6,365
Libertarians 402
Independents 133
Independent American Party 1,839
Green 61
Jedi 2


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761