Paul’s Weekly Letter – 23 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving,

We send you our best wishes and hope you enjoy some time with your family and friends. If you want to talk politics with your Dem friends now is a great time. I feel pretty good with a Republican President, Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives.

I went to the Republican Women’s Club meeting Monday afternoon. The theme was honoring our Veteran’s and Jon Yuspa from Nevada Honor Flight gave the keynote speech. It was a really nice event, very emotional. Please make an effort to go to one of their meetings in the future.

We had a General Membership meeting last week and Western Nevada College leadership was hosted. A very educational and informative event. Did you know they are going to build dorms? We also voted in a new Treasurer, Lori Tonne who will be taking over for Ruth Tucker. Please thank Lori and Ruth next time you see them.

Our President continues to work extremely hard cleaning up the swamp that is Washington DC. I know he says some crazy stuff every once in a while but I truly think he is distracting the news media away from what he is doing behind the scenes.

Nevada is starting to see more and more candidates declaring for office; the deadline is March 16 to declare. We will send out a full list of candidates shortly afterwards.

If you did not hear, Karen Aboud is not running again. The way it works here in Carson City is that a candidate must live in Ward 1 (which is precinct 101, 103, 105, 107, 105, 107, 109, 111, 113) and the whole city votes for them. So if you know someone that is interested please let me know.

Don’t forget our Christmas Party Dec 9, at my house. Please view the below brochure below for specific details. It will be a good opportunity to meet some new people and have some fun.

We now have PayPal on our website which makes it easier to donate. Every amount is greatly appreciated.

Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761