Paul’s Weekly Letter – 23 August 2017

Good Evening,

Friends, this week was even more exciting than last week. We were invited to the Reno Airport to see the President arrive for his speech at the American Legion convention. To be honest I didn’t really think it would be much more than waving at the limo as it drove by. Since everyone could not go (I wish you could), here’s what happened. Meagan our full time Nevada GOP operative called and asked if I wanted to go and that it was a secret. Well, being prior military I know how to keep quite so I never said anything to anybody…except my wife. I asked Meagan if we could bring the kids (big Trump fans) and she said yes. We arrived around 8:30 at the Guard facility and after screening through the Secret Service guys we waited around for several hours. As we were waiting around we got to see everyone that was invited. There were about 60 people there, mix of politicians, military and political party people. It was kinda funny because no one had said anything when we talked last week and now we were all there.

Around 10:30 we finally walked outside and watched as Air Force One touched down. If you have ever seen it land you would understand the emotional impact of seeing this great aircraft, it’s almost as if you are seeing the power and might of our entire country right in front of you. Everyone cheered and everyone cheered again as it taxied up in front of us. The Press, Secret Service and Maintenance guys poured out the back of the aircraft and after the limo pulled up the President and Dr. Ben Carson came out the front. They were met by Governor Sandavol, Attorney General Adam Laxualt (looked very much at home and comfortable), Jim Marchant from District 37 in Las Vegas (must be on the up and coming list), Michael McDonald our Party Chairman, and Commissioner Bob Lucey from Washoe County. We were pretty much resigned that he would not come over until our new found friend a Secret Service agent told everyone, no hands on the barricade, no hands in our pockets, no pens (he has his own) and no shoving cameras in the Presidents face. The President and Dr. Carson then walked around the limo and shook hands and took pictures with everyone along the barricade. As I shook his hand I said Thank You Mr. President. I know it doesn’t sound like much but that Thank You encompasses everything that he has done for us in the past two years. Thank You for beating Hillary Clinton, Thank You for never backing down from the press, Thank You for shaking Washington DC and it’s politicians to their core and finally Thank You for walking around that limo and giving my family and friends a lifetime memory.

I also spent last weekend at the Lyon County Fair in Yerington. The Republican booth was really crowded most of the time and everyone was very nice. There was not a Democrat booth there this year, not sure what happened to them.

Don’t forget we have a meeting tomorrow night, be there. Political season is starting; we live in exciting times at an exciting place in history. Please be part of it.

Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761