Paul’s Weekly Letter – 22 May

Weekly Update From Paul:
Hope to see you at our membership meeting this Thursday night. We have a new meeting space, the Fandango; thank you to the Fandango and Bebsy Strasburg for negotiating the new location.  We have been very fortunate to have been able to meet at the Casino Nugget for the past few months.  Please drop a few quarters at the Nugget and thank Dean DiLullo and the staff at the Nugget Casino for letting us meet there over the past few months.  We are sure lucky that these two casinos think our meetings are important enough to accommodate us.
The Executive Board will be meeting on June 1st and 8th to formulate a Strategic Plan.  I am really excited to  put down in writing exactly what we will be doing and how.   We have many different opinions and ideas about our planning for the 2020 election.  At the end we should be on a great path for victory in 2020.
Please review the information on the Basque Fry and Adam Laxalt’s direction forward.  I am beyond pleased that Adam is actively engage in moving forward.
775 315-7761