Paul’s Weekly Letter – 21 September 2017

Good Afternoon,

OK, I’m trying to get back on schedule but it’s not working very well. We seem to be getting busier and busier as we get closer to the election and it’s still over a year away.

We had an Executive meeting last week and talked about a variety of things. One was ordering water bottles with Republican printed on them to pass out during the Nevada Day parade. Now we are worried that we don’t have the money to purchase the bottles and everything else. So if anyone wants to help out with some donations please call.

We also talked about sending out mailers. One to welcome the newly registered Republicans and another to ask the Independents and the No Party voters to join our party. We are still interested in events that would allow us to have a booth. Please let me know your ideas on this subject.

Peter Hennessey also briefed us on Nevada Policy Research Institute’s 201 Nevada Legislative Session Review and Report. It’s a pretty interesting read with grades for our leadership. (

Again I can’t stress enough that we need help with the Nevada Day parade float. Please call or email Dan Holden 775-450-3200 or to help.

Remember we have training on Oct 19, Marti Cockell is spearheading this effort. Call her 775-721-9364 for time and location.

Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761