Paul’s Weekly Letter – 20 October 2017

Good Evening,

Well, I’m back from the hunting trip, yes we enjoyed the Jarbridge Wilderness, but alas we didn’t fill any of our tags. As they say better luck next time.

I can feel the excitement starting as we get ready for next year’s election. We have Nevada GOP training going on, a float in the parade and a list of candidates declaring for office.

The float is parked at Maurice White’s house and Dan Holden and the team have been busy working on it. They could use some more help, so please contact Dan (775) 450-3200 to see what he needs. I can’t express my thanks enough for him taking on this project.

Speaking of declaring themselves for office, Adam Laxalt will have a special announcement at Glen Eagles on Nov 6, see below for the information. I think it’s pretty neat he’s having an event here in Carson and I hope we all can come out to support.

I didn’t see any news while we were hunting (very refreshing) but now that I am back I see the news media busily trashing the President. But to be honest I thing he is doing a very good job of stirring up Washington and keeping everyone distracted while his team is quietly draining the swamp. So next time you hear him say something outrageous or crazy, just think of what is going on behind the curtain and feel good about it.

Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761