Paul’s Weekly Letter – 27 February 2019

Don’t forget we have a General Membership Meeting on Thursday.  Specifically, Thursday night at 6:30 pm in the Sierra Room at the Nugget Casino.  Greg Bailor will be our guest speaker.  He always makes me feel better about what is going on in Nevada politics.
  My wife and I went to the Washoe Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday. Sebastian Gorka was the guest speaker and as you may know he once worked in the White House and is currently on a daily radio program.  To me, his most important and lasting comment was that the Donald Trump you have seen on TV, at speeches and on the campaign trail is what he is really like.
  I just got back from the Hearing on AB186 which would enter Nevada into a compact that would force us to align our electoral votes with whoever won the national popular vote.  It was absolutely shocking to see the Democrats press forward with making our state irrelevant and inconsequential during Presidential elections.
  As we continue forward please make an effort to come down and show your support and disapproval of these bills. We will send out information on them as soon as we receive it.
775 315-7761