Paul’s Weekly Letter – 18 January 2019

Good Morning

Lot of things going on here in the party, it a really good time to get involved.

We have the Lincoln Day Dinner coming up, (buy your tickets now) which will be a really great event. Bepsy Strasburg has been doing a tremendous job on making this event new and exciting for us.

Vince Schantz is working on our By-Laws, and on the Nominations Committee, yes elections are coming up. If you are interested in any of the board positions please let us know. Remember these are the board positions throughout the 2020 election. So, if I wanted to do everything I could to get our President re-elected this is a great start.

The legislature session is coming up. I tried to watch the State of the State address the other night and they were already driving me crazy. If you want to help stop their more free stuff agenda please let us know.


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