Paul’s Weekly Letter – 14 November 2018

Good Morning,

Don’t forget we have our General Membership Meeting Thursday night at the Nugget Casino, please show your support for our party and our organization by coming to the meeting. Noreen Leary from the Veterans Guest House in Reno will be the guest speaker.

See below for flyer for Carson City Republican Women’s Club Meeting next week. And also see below for flyer for our Christmas Party.

As we get ready for the next election, yes there is another one in 2020, we need to increase our presence and our outreach in the local community. We also need to rewrite our bylaws to make them more inclusive and eliminate some redundancies. I also wanted to make them much easier to read and understand, if that make sense.

So in add of that, we need some dedicated and committed people for the below positions. If you are mad and upset about last Tuesdays outcome please volunteer, there will no better feeling than winning in 2020 and knowing that you helped our Republican effort.

The Carson City Republican Party is recruiting a Chairman of the Membership Committee. The Chairman will create a core team of 6-8 members to proactively enlist CCRCC members by:

Recruiting and registering Republicans, expand the reach of the Carson City Republican party to residents registered as undeclared, independents, third party and disenchanted Democrats by creating common purpose and mission through articles, events and programs;

Develop orientation programs for new members and develop mentorship programs during the first 6 months of their membership;

Provide copies of the bylaws and county platform to newly elected members;

Encourage member participation in events and programs to support the mission of the CCRCC.

Promote the Young Conservative Ambassador Program.

The CCRCC bylaws committee is looking for a few good people interested in rewriting our bylaws.

The task is to express the mission of the CCRP in simple and clear terms, and to translate that mission into simple and clear operational terms consistent with the NRS and with guidance from the CCRCC membership.

If you are interested in either please call me or the office. 841-1800


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761