Paul’s Weekly Letter – 13 February 2019

Awesome turnout at the State Legislature yesterday for the public hearing about SB 143 that imposes background checks on gun transfer.  As we were sitting there watching our representatives question and make statements  I realized our Democrat friends did not write or even read the bill prior to introduction. Their “expert” witness even suggested a method to bypass the law via a straw-man purchase.  To be honest we are in for a long session but we need to make our presence felt and heard.  As we go forward we will be sending out notifications about hearings, protests, etc as soon as we get them.  Please support as many as you can.
  Don’t forget Lincoln Day Dinner is Saturday, please remember this is a fundraiser.  I have been practicing introducing our guests.  If I mess up, try not too laugh to hard.  We will see everyone Saturday.
 775 315-7761