Paul’s Weekly Letter – 12 October 2017

Good Day All,

I wanted to focus this week’s newsletter on the concept of Republican outreach within our rural areas for the upcoming midterms. Many of you have heard me stress in recent meetings that working closely with other country central committees will be crucial for victories next year, but it is also crucial in the sense that we can become an overall stronger team if we offer help in any way, shape or form.

Many of us know folks in surrounding counties. Many of us also know different members of central committees in surrounding counties. Like us, these county parties are interested in helping our party achieve victories on the state level all across the board.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking when I talk about “helping” outside of Carson City, “how can we help anyone else when it’s hard enough finding volunteers for our own area”. My answer to that is that it isn’t. Communication is the biggest resource we all have. Sending out email blasts and posting on social media may be fun but it is also a tool. We are more interconnected now than at any point in human history so what’s not to say that there aren’t folks wanting to help out in other counties but have not yet been contacted?

We will be working closely with the rural caucus as these races heat up, but I wanted to challenge all of you to think about who we can connect with in Washoe, Douglas, Lyon, Storey, and Churchill Counties. Remember that we are all a team with the same goals. Sharing info and building a better working relationship with our surrounding rural committees will help all of us in the long run as well as create a stronger grassroots team in which the Democrats would have a tough time beating.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week! Cheers!

Aaron Sims
First Vice Chairman