Paul’s Weekly Letter – 10 August 2017

Good Afternoon,

Wow yet another busy week. We finally finished the kitchen downstairs so we spent several days ripping out the old kitchen upstairs. Our two girls really enjoyed throwing everything out the window. And yes, I took the sign from the office. Holly is going to paint it with new Carson City Republican info.

Tuesday we had an Executive board meeting which happened the same day as Danny Tarkanian’s announcement that he is running for Senate. We had a long discussion with various point s of view. After several minutes we did agree that we would not play favorites until after the Primary Election. Let me repeat that just so there is no question. The official policy of the Carson City Republican Central Committee is no Pre-Primary endorsement of any candidate. So if you see a Dean Heller sign out in front of the office expect to see a Danny Tarkanian sign also.

We also talked a lot about the Nevada Day Parade which is screaming up on us. Dan Holden will be asking for help with the float again this year. Please make an effort and help out. This is a big chance for us to be visible. Let’s make it a memorable one. I did like Marti Cockell’s idea of dressing the elephant in a tutu.

Speaking of Marti, she is coordinating with Jessica Hanson to provide us training for 2018 election. This training is our first step in providing outstanding help and assistance to our candidates during the election.

Yesterday, Ross from Adam Laxalt’s organization (I can’t say campaign because Adam is not running for anything yet) called to remind everyone that tickets are still available for the Basque Fry. Personally I can’t wait to see Dean Heller and Danny Tarkanian circling around each other at the BBQ.

And finally I received a really nice thank you note from Mike Kadenacy the Chairman of Washoe Republican Party for Freedom Fest. My wife and I were both impressed and humbled.

The Basque Fry is Aug 26, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Susana Martinez and Matt Schlapp will be guest speakers. If you have not bought tickets please hurry they will sell out pretty soon. Here is the web address

Douglas County Republicans will be hosting the Heritage Day Ranch Day BBQ on Sep 30 from 12:00 to 4:00 at the Dangberg Ranch, I have not heard who the guest speakers will be but this is a really nice event we should support if you can Please visit the Douglas County Republican web Page for more info

Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761