Paul’s Weekly Letter – 10 April

We have had yet another busy week.  The legislature continues to slog through numerous bills that are significantly changing our state.   I am sorry but the hard reality is that Nevada did not have enough voters that understood that this would happen. I assume they thought the Dems were just going to add some money to education and tweak a few things.   However, not the case…
So as we go forward to 2020 we need to start organizing our party in Carson City to get out the vote and support the other counties.  We will start by recruiting Precinct Captains and Staff.  Please let us know if you are interested.
We had an Executive Board meeting last night, where we discussed our new and improved push into social media, Scott Hoen has some really great ideas to  take our brand to the next level.  Please contact him if you want to help.
As you have seen, the Nevada GOP Spring meeting is coming up; please attend if you can.  It should be a very interesting meeting.  Also we will have elections for our new Board and Staff the same week at the April 25th Membership Meeting.
Finally, I am looking for some ideas for another fundraiser; please let me know your thoughts and ideas so we can make decisions on the best options.
775 315-7761