Paul’s Weekly Letter – 9 May 2018

Good Evening,

We had a Executive Board meeting last night and went over quite a few items. Big one is Saturday’s Day of Action, this is a statewide republican event and we really need some help and participation. Show up at the office on California street on Saturday at 10:00am and see where you can help. I would really appreciate it.

We plan on setting up a booth out in the parking lot of the courthouse and community center during early voting and election day to monitor the Dems and to help our fellow Republicans if they need assistance. We have a few names but I could use a few more, call the office to volunteer. To be honest, this is one of the most exciting and interesting things we do.

See below for details on FreedonFest BBQ, (don’t forget to say thanks to Kim for hosting). I would hope we and our politicians all show up to enjoy the food, atmosphere and good music under the trees at Glen Eagles.

I really need some help with our web site, if someone wants to help out or knows someone that want to help let me know.

Jared Fisher who is running for Governor hosted a Meet and Greet at Glen Eagles. He was pretty interesting and had a great story to tell on why he is running for governor. So my hint to you is to go to the next one.

Josh Skaggs our new Republican Party Regional Field Director loaded the official call and walk application on my phone. Surprisingly, it works really well and I plan on loading the call functions on the computers in the office. We can use those to call those pesky undecided Independents and No Party voters and guide them in our direction. We have a new internet service so it should work really well. And yes he will load it on your phone, all you have to do it a ask him the next time you see him or me.


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761