Paul’s Weekly Letter – 8 March 2018

Good Evening,

EVERY SEAT IS THE PEOPLE’S SEAT! That is a quote from Scott Brown when he was elected to the Massachusett’s senate. The Democrats tried to tell him it was a “Kennedy” seat.

In Carson City there is a SEAT for you at our up coming Precinct meeting on March 24th. Every Republican in Carson City has a SEAT at this meeting.

It is your opportunity to offer your ideas that will form our platform. It is your opportunity to elect delegates to the County Convention in April. It is your opportunity to help turn this state red again in the November elections.Mark your calendars in red for MARCH 24. We will be meeting at the Plaza Hotel conference room at 211 E. 9 th Street behind the main hotel. Doors open at 8 am and the meeting will begin at 9. You will also have an opportunity to speak with local candidates and your elected officials.

I know it’s a Saturday so our goal is to be through by noon. For more info contact our office at 841-1800 or 721-9364. Bring your Republican neighbors!

If you didn’t know our local and state politicians have been officially signing up for the election. Once we get a complete list I will send it out. Some of the notables so far are Lori Bagwell and John Wood signing up City Supervisors seats. Of course our local hero Ron Knecht has signed on for another 4 years. Funny thing about Ron’s democrat opponent, she was the lady who hijacked Vice Presidents Mike Pence’s rally here at the Nugget during the last election. I assume that is how the Dems work, make a scene and get rewarded with the party’s support in the next election.

Don’t forget Precinct Meeting and County Convention coming up, bring a friend. It will be a great way to introduce them to our politician process.


Paul Strasser
(775) 315-7761