Executive Board Strategic Planning June Sessions

CCRCC Strategic Planning Report                                              

Session 1 – June 1, 2019  and  Session 2 – June 8, 2019

The following CCRCC Board Members met at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office to begin discussions focusing on a strategic plan for the 2020 Election:

Session 1                                                                                        Session 2

Paul Strasser, Chair                                                                     Paul Strasser, Chair

Marti Cockell, 2nd Vice Chair                                                     Marti Cockell, 2nd Vice Chair

Scott Hoen, 3rd Vice Chair                                                          Scott Hoen, 3rd Vice Chair

Karen Fletcher, Secretary                                                           Karen Fletcher, Secretary

Pat Packard, Treasurer                                                               Pat Packard, Treasurer

Joe Hart, Committeeman                                                           Joe Hart, Committeeman

Ron Knecht, Committeeman                                                     Ron Knecht, Committeeman

Donna Myers, Committeewoman                                            Donna Myers, Committeewoman

John Pack, Committeeman                                                        Vince Schantz, Committeeman

Vince Schantz, Committeeman                                                 Bepsy Strasburg, Committeewoman

Bepsy Strasburg, Committeewoman                                       Maurice White, Committeeman

Maurice White, Committeeman                                               Phil Becker, Committeeman

Please note individual meetings were held with Richard Nagel and Phil Becker to provide an update on

Session 1:

The goal of the session was to create plans to help GET THE VOTE OUT IN 2020!

The topics covered included:

  • Code of Ethics:

The following “Code of Ethics” was adopted by the CCRCC:

Act with integrity.

We are partners in promoting a culture of integrity through mutual respect, trust in each other and high ethical standards.

Be honest.

Personally set the example for each other and our stakeholders by being honest and fair.

Follow the law.

Be familiar with the NRS that governs our organization, State and CCRCC By-laws, and any existing policy and procedures.

Avoid conflict of interest.

We promptly disclose any conflicts of interests that might influence our judgment, and avoid any appearance of impropriety in our dealings with others.

Be accountable.

We hold each other accountable, and if we become aware of someone not fulfilling their duties, we promptly address them in a respectful manner.

  • Effective team development.

The group reviewed The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.

  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results

The team agreed that the positive approach to all five aspects would ensure success.  Additionally it was agreed that we should strive to have measurable outcomes for each event, project or program we initiate.

Session 2:

The program began with a team development exercise.  We then moved into a Project Management “best practices” review facilitated by Karen Fletcher.

The team reviewed the timeline and made adjustments.  The timeline will be created in an electronic format and posted on the website.  The remainder of the time was spent in open discussions reviewing various projects.

Project and Standing Committee List:

During session 1 we worked individually to brainstorm programs, tasks or projects we need to be successful in getting the vote out in 2020.  During session 2 we reviewed the projects and added a few.

Project List:

Category Steward Comments
Communications Scott Hoen

Ron Knecht

·        Define the message

·        Sell the message

·        Use the platform

·        Showcase our Mission/Vision/Values

·        Develop Outreach Plan to:

o   Increase voter registration

o   Increase members in CCRCC

o   Improve our image

·        Employ younger paid employees

·        Form alliances

NRP Paul Strasser Obtain information from the State and National Republican Parties, and share with the Board and membership as appropriate.
Fund Raising Vince Schantz ·        Continuous Fund Raising

·        Increase the amount raised

CCRCC Membership Joe Hart ·        Increase CCRCC membership by working with Outreach

·        Develop precinct leaders

·        Increase membership diversity, i.e. younger, Hispanic

·        Bring prior members back

Policies & Procedures Karen Fletcher Form committee to develop policies and procedures on all aspects of the organization.
CCRCC Team Building Donna Myers ·        With the goal to function as an effective team, develop and facilitate team building experiences.

·        Define roles within the organization other than those listed in the by-laws.

·        Continuously seek opportunities to process improve.

Candidate Selection Maurice White

Paul Strasser

Enable candidate selection for 2020

·        2 Supervisors

·        1 Mayor

·        4 School Board

Conduct opposition research

Youth Coordinator John Pack

Maurice White

·        Find ways to support the Republican youth in the community

·        Be a support to the Young Republicans

Internal Training Donna Myers ·        Provide quarterly volunteer training

·        Create and deliver new volunteer training

Succession Planning Bepsy Strassburg ·        Create plan to transfer position information to newly elected board members.
IT Office Computer Assessment Karen Fletcher

Phil Becker

·        Assess all office computers to meet business needs

Standing Committees:

Committee Name Steward Comments
Lincoln Day Karen Fletcher
Finance Committee TBD
Precinct Meeting Marti Cockell
County Convention Marti Cockell
Membership Committee TBD
Audit Committee TBD
Nevada Day Parade Dan Holden
Fundraising Vince Schantz
Platform (even year) TBD
ByLaws Vince Schantz
IT Phil Becker & Scott Hoen
Nominating Committee Donna Myers

Program Evaluation for June 1st Session

At the conclusion each participant was asked to complete a program evaluation.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being the least score and ten being the best, how would you rate both strategic planning sessions?  (Please circle one)

8             =             2

9             =             2

10           =             6


  • “I think we accomplished a lot but did have some digression, hence 9 and not 10. Very well facilitated.
  • “It was a hit because we actually accomplished something! Great Job!”
  • “The meeting was on schedule. Many ideas were explored/defined.  Plan was set for next meeting.”
  • “1. Excellent meeting facilitation.    Well organized presenter.  3.  Good participation by team.  4.  Length of meeting and subject matter appropriate.”
  • “Great organization, leadership of meeting, keeping it focused and under control. Thank you for doing it”.
  • “Very well done! Good job not letting us get into weeds and other discussions.”
  • “It was a great way to get the leadership together and all focus on a direction moving forward. Set goals everyone agreed on.  And help build unity going forward.”
  • “Better than expected. It was less strategic planning and more organizations/operations oriented than I anticipated.  We need some more strategic planning, cut we’re certainly good on organization and operations as a result of this meeting.  And I think org/ops was the better place to start.”
  • “Great facilitator, good participation, good organization.”
  • “Donna, great job and a lot of effort done on your part! Really added value to moving us forward”

Program evaluation for June 8th Session

At the conclusion each participant was asked to complete a program evaluation.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being the least score and ten being the best, how would you rate both strategic planning sessions?  (Please circle one)

7             =             1

8             =             1

9             =             5

10           =             3


  • “The more we focus on operations and organizational matters – as we did today – the better it gets. When we start singing “We’re all in this together” (from Disney’s High school Musical 3) and talking about how we have to all tell each other all our plans and secrets, etc. the more claustrophobic & cultish it feels.  Numerical ranking went up from 8 to 9 – max to avoid halo effect.
  • Group was a bit fractured.
  • Once again we communicated well and accomplished some things. Planned well also.
  • Very successful follow up to previous session. Team building efforts were very evident today, good discussion and interaction.  Kudos to Karen on PM presentation.  Thank you.
  • The focus should have been on the initiatives, communications etc. We did not have enough time devoted to it.
  • Excellent until wrap-up, that sort of dissipated things rather than wrap up.
  • Donna, great leadership in herding goats.
  • Seems like we lost focus when we talked about fundraising.
  • 1) Great to keep everyone accountable for identified projects.  2)  Good to brainstorm on specifics at the end re:  Airport event.
  • Team building exercise for fun and did help us get to know each other better. Project management presentation elicited excellent recommendations for attendees.  I feel we are really bonding as a team.